Primary Maths & English

Our English programme for Key Stage 2 is focused on two key areas of the curriculum tested at the end of Key Stage 2: Reading Comprehension and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG). Recognising that comprehension is the fundamental purpose of reading; our programme is designed to help children understand the words, images and concepts on a page that are the author’s meaning and message. In Spelling, children are taught spelling strategies in addition to the spelling word list for their age group. Punctuation and Grammar is covered in great depth so that children are confident in the understanding and usage of a range of grammatical terms and punctuation at the end of the programme. Children are given the opportunity to access and develop their understanding of a wide range of texts in reading in order to prepare them for their end of Key Stage 2 SATs. Through high-quality discussions, they learn the key skills required to tackle SATs questions. Comprehension tasks are weekly and based on a range of poems, fiction and non-fiction texts designed to develop children’s skills in key areas: retrieving information, inference and vocabulary. Children are also taught a range of spelling strategies to help them spell words with suffixes and prefixes and understand word families. A new grammar concept is introduced each week, helping them to understand its usage and demonstrate how to use it in their own writing; this will also be the case for punctuation – children become familiar and confident with a whole range of punctuation designed to improve the purpose and effect of their writing.

The National Curriculum introduced in 2014 resulted in a more challenging syllabus in Maths. Designed to match international standards such as Singapore and Hong Kong as well as high achieving national schools, children are now expected to show a greater understanding of mathematical concepts than at previous age-related expectations.

Our Maths programme is designed to teach and build the age-related skills required by the National Curriculum from Year 3 onwards with a focus on Mastery: teaching children to be able to fully comprehend a topic and relate it to concrete experiences. At Grade Excel, children are taught exam techniques in order for them to be able to show knowledge, understanding and application of each topic that is covered.

Having qualified teachers means expert teaching catered to the specific needs and requirements of each child. Equipped with excellent subject knowledge of the mathematics curriculum and effective teaching strategies, they will ensure your child’s learning will be both challenging and progressive as they tackle each strand of the curriculum.

Our Maths programme has enabled children to succeed in their SATs and show mastery in the key concepts. By also addressing gaps in knowledge, our comprehensive programme provides the perfect springboard to success in secondary school.


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