Secondary English

Key Stage 3 & GCSE

At Grade Excel, we believe that when a child has strong foundations in English, they are more able to succeed in other subjects – and outside school too. That is why our Key Stage 3 learning programme is based on high quality, skills-focused teaching. Like our Mathematics programme, it is designed to enable students to ‘master’ key skills before moving on to new ones. We deliver the key contents of the programme in both depth and breadth so that students are better able to recall and apply their skills fluently and accurately in a range of contexts. Our programme is designed in line with the National Curriculum requirements and ensures students are well equipped for embracing GCSE content. Furthermore, we teach to the demands of each of the approved examining boards; AQA, Edexcel Pearson, WJEC and OCR.

In all aspects of English, understanding is improved by promoting a reading habit.  We encourage all students to read a wide range of books for pleasure and to discuss their reading choices with us.


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